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So...What's Included?

Good question... and below it is answered! Everything that is included with a standard machine:

Removable Top

Available in Marble or Granite!

20-22 kgs

650mm x 20mm (Diameter x Height)

Base Unit

Stainless Steel

22-23 kgs

220/240 Volts 60Hz

0-47 rpm

Bowl Holder

Stainless Steel

3-4 kg capacity

Able to hold most sizes of catering-grade stainless steel mixing bowls

Infrared Thermometer Holder

Stainless Steel

Bespoke holder to fit goose-neck infrared thermometer

Infrared Thermometer

Stainless Steel Finish

Goose-neck infrared thermometer

Flexible to point at specific area of plate

Red dot measuring point

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