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With over thirty years in chocolate manufacturing, the developer came up with the idea of designing and building a machine which anyone could use.


In studying the skill and dexterity of the chocolatier he translated these skills into an interactive (food safe) machine which achieves temper every time.


The machine is deliberately manual to enable existing chocolatiers and new "chocolate wheel chocolatiers" to demonstrate their skills in a highly visual manner. Furthermore, it is great fun to use and perfect for a busy R&D laboratory.


The rotating granite or marble plate* enables the operator to agitate and bring the temperature of the liquid chocolate down to the correct crystallisation point, followed by easy chocolate retrieval to the "feed bowl" where the stable beta crystals are formed and temperature monitored prior to use.


The temperature of the chocolate is continuously displayed on the infrared thermometer so the chocolatier/operator is able to achieve perfect chocolate temper every time.


*food safe finish and food grade seal.









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